Friday, February 10, 2017

Robo Calling Survey Idea

Need to know how your campaign is doing?

With a targeted voter list you can run a quick survey in a couple of hours and get a good snapshot of how your campaign is doing.

You can quickly find out how important an issue or how a candidate may be doing with a simple script like the one below.

Here is a sample script:

"Hello, this is a quick 2 question poll about the upcoming election.

If the race for City Council were held today for whom would you vote?

Press 1 for Anne Smith

Press 2 for John Doe

Press 3 for Undecided

Last Question.

On Prop A will you be voting Yes or No?

Press 1 for Yes

Press 2 for No

Press 3 for undecided

Thank you for participating."

Typical automated surveys can be turned around same day. Just need a phone list and recordings. We can even record the message for you.

Pricing starts at 6 cents per call.

If you have any questions please give us a call at 530-758-8864 or email

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