Monday, April 3, 2017

How we scrub your phone list

Phone list scrubbing

What does scrubbing a list mean? It means we "clean" the phone list by running it through our proprietary software to get a final count. Every list we see always needs some cleaning or scrubbing before we begin calling. The most important scrub is for cell phones. It is illegal to call cell phones with an automated device. If you are calling cell phones you must have expressed written consent and be able to prove it. So almost every list we run will have cell phones removed. How do we know a phone number is a cell number? We use a cell phone database that is updated monthly that we run a match against. If it is flagged as a cell number it gets removed. The next thing we look for are duplicates. Most lists will have some duplicate numbers so getting the duplicates removed will ensure that people are not getting more than one call. Some phone lists will occasionally have incomplete numbers. If a phone number does not have 10-digits it will get removed. Some phone lists will have tons of info about the person but not have a phone number. That record will get removed as well. After the proprietary software is done scrubbing, your phone list is ready for calling.

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