Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Record your message

How to record your message:

Note: Keep it natural like you picked up the phone and called the person yourself. If using a script avoid making it sound like you are reading off a piece of paper.

Call In Studio

We provide a convenient recording system that that we call the Call In Studio. Record your message from any phone but we do recommend that you use a land line to ensure the clearest quality recording. Simply dial 530-756-1540 and follow the prompts. You can record as many times as you'd like. Only the last recording is kept. Once you hang up the phone the Call In Studio sends an automatic email to the person on file. This allows you to review the message before we send it out.

You will need a job number and pass code before you record. You can email or call 530-758-8864 to get setup.

Audio editing

Every message needs a little editing. Typically this means we increase volume on the recording as well as clean up dead air typically found at the beginning and ending of a recording. We never edit for content. If you need further editing, like cutting a piece of audio out or editing long pauses just let us know. There is no charge for audio editing.

In a future post we'll explain how to use the iPhone and the Voice Memos app to record and email us an audio file.

Thanks for reading.

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