Monday, July 10, 2017

Simple, Effective Robo Calling Campaigns

How to use robo calls effectively:

Over the years we've seen time and time again that small to medium sized campaigns can compete with deep pocket campaigns by using robo calls. With a combination of surveys, absentee chaser and GOTV calls you can get your message out effectively without breaking the bank.

Phone list!

It starts with a targeted phone list. Here in California, most campaigns seem get their data from Political Data, Inc. You can find them here. We have no affiliation with them but they must be doing something right because we receive hundreds of phone lists from them every year that get used for automated calling projects. Working with PDI or your data company, you can pull a targeted voter list. Typically you are looking for high propensity voters or likely voters.

Survey Idea!

Once you have your targeted list, one idea is to run an automated survey. You can do a simple "race horse poll" run over a couple of hours in the evening and have a pretty good picture of where you stand. You can find a sample script here.

Absentee Chasers Idea!

Use robocalls to target Absentee Voters. Once absentee ballots hit the mail you can "chase" absentee voters with a couple of automated calls educating or encouraging the voter to consider your campaign or issue.

PDI or your data company can provide you with voters registered as Absentee and they can usually keep track of who's voted already. This is important so you don't waste time and money calling people that have already turned their ballot in.


Last but not least, GOTV calls! These are your last minute phone calls. Mail is too slow, tv and radio is sold out or not in your budget so what's left is automated phone calls. The most popular day for calling is the day before the election. Second most popular day is the Friday before the election. Saturday or Sunday seems to be a toss up as third most popular. These GOTV calls will be your last ditch effort to persuade the voter to get out and vote.

Pricing starts at 6 cents per call for up to a 30 second message. Get a Quote.

You can find us at or give us a call at 530-758-8864.

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