Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Group Texting!

Hello again. 

January has come and gone. The 2018 election cycle should begin to gain some steam now with many primaries right around the corner. We wanted to reach out and provide some insight to what we do and how you can utilize our services for this election cycle.
Group Texting? Yes we do that!
Simple, effective, and inexpensive. With your own keyword your constituents can opt-in and begin receiving your group texts. Did you know that over 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of receiving it? That's a pretty amazing stat! Why is it simple? It's simple because we do the work for you. No need to learn new software, or navigate a GUI. We do that for you. 
Group Texting Basics:
Keywords, short codes and opt-ins and how they work.

•  Short Codes - A short code is a 5 or 6 digit number that is used to send SMS (text) messages. Short codes are assigned and monitored by a central registry to make sure SMS traffic is compliant. Typically short codes are shared by a number of brands. Shared short codes are common among the industry. With us you can choose from three different short codes.

•  Keywords - A keyword is a unique word made up of letters and numbers that people will use to communicate and opt-in via one of our short codes. The basic idea is that a customer texts your "Keyword" to 72727 (our short code). When they do so, they are automatically added to your list of contacts.

•  Opt-ins - Compliance is very clear. Group Texting is permission based which means voters or customers need to give you permission before you can begin sending them messages. This is where keywords and short codes make it easy to build opt-in lists. In some cases, you may already have already received expressed written consent. If so we can begin texting very quickly.
How it works: 
Much like our automated calling service we will do the work for you. This means you let us know what message to send out, to what group and when it should be scheduled. Once you create a keyword you can begin using email, your website, signage, or social media to promote your keyword. You can then build call to action campaigns built around your keyword.
Pricing is the same as doing automated phone calls. Prices drop with volume. Keyword rentals start at $20 month. No contracts ever.
Give us a call at 530-758-8864 or email me at info@politicalcalling.com for a quote.
Group Texting FAQ's:
Q - Can I buy a cell list and text everyone?
A - No you cannot. In order for someone to receive a Group Text message, each person will need to opt-in. Compliance is very clear on this.
Q - How many characters can I include in my text?
A - You can have up to 160 characters per text message.
Q - How long does it take to send out a group text?
A - Typically within seconds but usually within a couple of minutes. Short codes can send out up to 100 messages a second.
Q - How does billing work?
A - Initially, we are providing a "pay as you go" model. So the number of phone number x's the cost per text will determine the final amount due.
Q - Are there rules for promoting my keyword?
A - Yes. You must include the following language:
•That message and data rates may apply
•The frequency (e.g., max 2 messages per week) of messages
•Opt-out instructions (e.g., To unsubscribe, text STOP {KEYWORD} to (short code)
Need phone numbers and voter lists?
Looking for phone numbers for automated calling campaigns or demographics of a certain district? Look no further than Aristotle. They have data and phone numbers for the entire country. Looking for high propensity voters in a particular district? Aristotle will have it. We recently became an affiliate of theirs. This map shows a snapshot of some of the info you'll find. Use this link to sign up for a free account.
Until next time.
Team PC

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Primary Season Begins

2018 Primaries right around the corner

February 27th:
Arizona - CD-8 Special Election Primary

March 6th:
Texas Primary

March 13, 2018:
Pennsylvania - CD-18 Special Election

Let's talk about robocalls, automated surveys and group texting.

Give us a call at 530-758-8864 or email us at info@politicalcalling.com.

Team PC